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They are the stories of family traditions, treasured heirlooms and uncompromising quality. Stickley's 4 new tv spots bring customers' testimonials to life.

Stickley Story No. 729

"When our daughter turned 21, we wanted to give her a special gift..."

Stickley Story No. 92

"As a child I loved visiting my great aunt and uncle, there was room

after room of this beautiful Stickley furniture..."

Stickley Story No. 335

"My grandmother had this wonderful Stickley dining room set..."

Stickley Story No. 853

"My husband and I are anything but designers. We really needed help.

So, armed with pictures of our living room, we went to our Stickley dealer..."

We are humbled and flattered by the hundreds of letters, calls, and e-mails we've received over the years from Stickley customers, telling us their personal stories about how Stickley furniture has enhanced their lives.

We hear stories about how proud people are to be using their grandparents' beloved Stickley dining room table; how excited they were to buy a Morris Chair "just like Dad's"; how their solid Stickley furniture survived earthquakes and hurricanes; the wonderful gifts of Stickley they've received from loved ones; even how much their dogs enjoy sleeping on their Stickley furniture (with pictures!). These stories warm our hearts, and we often publish them on this web site or in our catalogs.

Reading these stories shows that Stickley is more than just furniture. We create heirlooms that often become cherished centerpieces of a family's life and history.

Drawing our inspiration from these many stories, we're pleased to launch a new series of television commercials that capture the essence of the Stickley experience!

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